torsdag, 31. januar 2019, Danmark, J-Hope Scrab Book

So i wanna make a scrab book for J-Hope
I'm tired of see him hurt and depressed he derserve just as much love as all the other members .. but Armys keep bulling him and i can see how hurt he is. I know others sees it too so im gonna make him a scrab book with all Intl. Armys. If you have someting you want to give to J-Hope here is your chance.

I will say i dont know when it will be done and when im gonna give it to him. But im doing my best to get a chance to meet him. Thinking of a fan meeting (:

(only J-Hope)

Only write in English
Simply because i have to accept it an see if itis good enough and i dont write hangul. And also to keep it Intl.

Everything will be in handwriting to show we want to use time on him and also to show your deep feelings.

If you write to him i dont want to see shaollow stuff i want you to decribe everything you like about him and why. I want to him to feel we know him and are not only Army but also friends.

Everything you want me to have you have to post in the event.
And if you have something you want to send to me text me show me a picture and Maybe just Maybe i will give you my adress so you can send it to me !!

J-Hope Scrab Book

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