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2018 Schedule (continually updated):
Mar 29: IEM Sydney Qualifier vs. HOLLYWOOD @ 18:00 (Bo3)
Mar 30: IEM Sydney Qualifier vs. Gambit @ 15:00 (Bo3)
Apr 3: ESL Pro League vs. AGO Esports @ 19:15 (2x Bo1)
Apr 5: ESL Pro League vs. Fnatic @ 19:15 (2x Bo1)
Apr 8: ECS Season 5 vs. Mousesports @ 21:00 (2x Bo1)
Apr 10: ESL Pro League vs. Space Soldiers @ 17:00 (2x Bo1)
Apr 11: ESL Pro League vs. Natus Vincere @ 19:15 (2x Bo1)
Apr 14: ECS Season 5 vs. Gambit @ 22:00 (2x Bo1)
Apr 18-22: Dreamhack Masters Marseille (Event)
Apr 24: ECS Season 5 vs. G2 Esports @ 20:00 (2x Bo1)
Apr 25: ESL Pro League vs. Team EnVyUs @ 17:00 (2x Bo1)
Apr 26: ESL Pro League vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas @ 20:00 (2x Bo1)

NB! Don't mind the date of this event. This event lasts forever and is an easy way for you to not miss an Astralis game ever again.

Astralis Game Center

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